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A Clearing Member shall, subject to the Rules, also have the following responsibilities and duties:— To maintain bank accounts in the currencies that may incur settlement and with banks acceptable to the Clearing House; Subject to the same being accepted by the Clearing House, to clear Non-Relevant Market Contracts and/or Contracts made on any Relevant Market by such members of the Relevant Market with whom it has agreed to clear; Not to directly carry any account and/or clear any Contract for the direct or indirect benefit of an employee or officer of another Clearing Member if such employee or officer shall be trading for his own account, unless the prior written approval of that other Clearing Member has been obtained; Not to provide funds, credit or finance to any other Clearing Member or a member of any Relevant Market for any purpose except with the prior written approval of the Clearing House, and except that this Rule shall not apply to Bank Clearing Members; To provide and maintain such Clearing Fund Deposit as specified in Rule 7A.06.2 in addition to any security deposit requirement that may be required of it as a Clearing Member of the Clearing House; To maintain minimum capital and financial requirements as specified in Rule 2.07 or 2.08; To clear such Contracts made on any Relevant Market by any person through any approved electronic trading terminal or facilities provided to it or to such members of the Relevant Market to whom it shall have agreed to provide clearing services; To have in place sufficient resources and establish and maintain adequate internal control and risk management system, including written risk management policies and procedures, for its business, and in the case of a Bank Clearing Member, its business governed by this Rules; Where the Clearing Member is registered with and regulated by the CFTC, including as an FCM, swap dealer or major swap participant, it shall make information and documents regarding its risk management policies, procedures and practices directly available to the CFTC upon the CFTC's request; and To comply with such other requirements as may be prescribed by the Clearing House from time to time.

Amended on 27 March 2006, 10 August 2007, 7 August 2012, 8 November 2012, 31 December 2013 and 12 November 2018.