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Mainboard Rules
Catalist Rules
SGX-ST Rules
CDP Clearing Rules
CDP Settlement Rules
DVP Rules [Entire Rulebook has been deleted]
CDP Depository Rules
Futures Trading Rules
SGX-DC Clearing Rules
Chapter 1 Application of Rules
Chapter 2 Clearing Membership
Chapter 3 Committees
Chapter 4 Enforcement of Rules
Chapter 5 Arbitration
Chapter 6 Delivery and Related Matters
Chapter 7 Clearing and Margins
Chapter 7A Suspension and Default
Chapter 7B Payments
Chapter 8 Mutual Offset System
Chapter 9 Definitions and Interpretation
Chapter 10 Transitional Provisions
Practice Notes
SIAC DT Arbitration Rules
SIAC DC Arbitration Rules
Rule Amendments


For the avoidance of doubt, it shall be a major offence for a Clearing Member to:— make, or cause to be made, a false or misleading entry, in hardcopy or electronic form, in any books, records, reports, slips, documents, or statements relating to the business, affairs, transactions, conditions, assets or accounts ("the Documents") of a Clearing Member; omit from making, for whatever reason, a material entry in any of the Documents; or alter or destroy any of the Documents without a valid reason.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, it may, at the determination of the Clearing House, be a major offence if a Clearing Member commits an offence or violation as a member of any Relevant Market.

Amended on 27 March 2006.