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A Clearing Member may accept cash, government securities, common stocks, bank certificates of deposit, bank guarantees, bank letters of credit, gold bars, gold certificates and such other instruments as the Clearing House permits from its Third Parties (including Customers) for meeting their initial margins and maintenance margins requirements. Valuation of such instruments shall be in accordance with procedures specified by the Clearing House. The following are not acceptable forms of margins under this Rule: bank guarantees or letters of credit issued by a Third Party, or a Third Party's related corporation which is a bank, for trades incurred in that Third Party's account; bank guarantees and letters of credit other than those issued by a bank that holds a valid licence and operates in Singapore under the Banking Act (Chapter 19); and currency and financial instruments denominated in currencies which are subject to exchange controls such that they are illegal tender outside the currency's home country or are restricted by any form of capital controls.

Amended on 27 March 2006 and 22 September 2006.