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Sep 18 2012 - Mar 14 2013Mar 15 2013 onwards

4.5A.3 Conditions Governing Sponsored Access

(1) Where a Trading Member authorises Sponsored Access for its customers, in addition to the requirements set out in Rule 4.5A.2, the Trading Member must:—
(a) maintain a register recording the identity and address of all customers with Sponsored Access;
(b) produce to SGX-ST the register referred to in Rule 4.5A.3(1)(a) at such time as SGX-ST requires; and
(c) have measures in place for each customer to comply with the requirements set out in Rule 4.6.22, Rule 12.1.1, Directive No. 4, Directive No.5 and any other requirement set out by SGX-ST relating to the order management system.
(2) Where a Trading Member permits the delegation of Sponsored Access by its authorised customer and any other persons:—
(a) the Trading Member must have measures to ensure that the authorised customer and any other persons delegating Sponsored Access:
(i) are persons regulated by a recognised regulatory authority in respect of any regulated activity; or
(ii) where such persons are not regulated in accordance with Rule 4.5A.3(2)(a)(i), that such persons are Trading Members of SGX-ST, and that such persons shall only be permitted to delegate Sponsored Access to their related corporations; and
(b) the Trading Member must include in the legally binding agreement referred to in Rule 4.5A.2(1)(d) the requirement for such customer and any other persons delegating Sponsored Access to ensure that all persons with Sponsored Access are included in the register referred to in Rule 4.5A.3(1)(a) and subject to the requirements set out in Rule 4.5A.3(1)(c).

For the purpose of this Rule 4.5A.3, "recognised regulatory authority" refers to a signatory to the International Organization of Securities Commissions' Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Consultation and Cooperation and the Exchange of Information, and “regulated activity” shall have the same meaning as in the Securities and Futures Act.

Added on 18 September 2012 and amended on 15 March 2013.