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Mainboard Rules
Catalist Rules
SGX-ST Rules
Definitions and Interpretation
Section A — General
Section B — Market Participants
Section C — Market Structure
Section D — Regulatory Framework
Section E — Other Business Activities
Section F — Transitional Provisions
Practice Notes
CDP Clearing Rules
DVP Rules
CDP Depository Rules
Futures Trading Rules
SGX-DC Clearing Rules
SIAC DT Arbitration Rules
SIAC DC Arbitration Rules
Rule Amendments

Section C — Market Structure
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Chapter 8 — Trading
8.1 Trading
8.2 Trading Hours
8.2A Closing Price of Prescribed Instrument
8.3 Orders
8.4 Trading Basis of Securities
8.5 Inviolability of Contracts
8.6 Errors
8.7 Direct Business
8.8 Designated Instruments
8.9 Corner
8.10 Suspension and Restriction of Trading
8.10A Circuit Breakers and Cooling-Off Periods
8.11 Trading Halts
8.12 Suspension of Trading Member and Prohibition of Dealings
8.13 Open Interface Applications
Chapter 8A — Marking of Sell Orders
8A.1 Definitions
8A.2 [Rule has been deleted]
8A.3 Marking of Sell Orders
8A.4 Exemptions
8A.5 Publication of Report of Short Sell Orders
8A.6 Reporting of Erroneously Marked Sell Orders
Chapter 9 — Settlement
9.1 Mode of Settlement
9.2 Relationship Between Trading Member and Customer
9.3 Relationship Between Trading Member and Clearing Member
9.4 Settlement Dates
9.5 Trades Under Physical Delivery
9.6 Delivery Versus Payment ("DVP") Settlement
Chapter 10 — Foreign Market Linkages
10.1 Definitions
10.2 Application of Chapter
10.3 Access to Foreign Markets
10.4 Role and Responsibilities of SGX-SPV
10.5 Obligations of a Trading Member
10.6 Core Trading Principles
10.7 Non-Compliance with Core Trading Principles
10.8 No Liability
Chapter 10A — ASEAN Trading Linkage
10A.1 Definitions
10A.2 Application of Chapter
10A.3 Eligibility for Participation
10A.4 Compliance
10A.5 Available Markets
10A.6 No Liability