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DVP Rules [Entire Rulebook has been deleted]
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SGX-ST Rules
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(1) The following Rules do not apply to SGX-SPV:—
Rule Heading
4.1.1 Admission Criteria (as a Trading Member)
4.6.1(2) Compliance (with admission criteria)
4.6.5 Responsibility to SGX-ST
4.6.11 Approved Executive Director
4.6.12 Directors
4.6.14 Memorandum and Articles of Association
4.6.17 Business Name
4.6.18 Issue of Shares
4.6.19 Voluntary Liquidation
6.16.5 Approved Executive Director
9.5 Trades under Physical Delivery
11.111.14 Capital and Financial Requirements
12.3 Customer Accounts
12.4 Trading Authority
12.6 Contract Notes
12.7 Statement of Account to Customers
12.11 Customer's and Remisier's Money
12.12 Customer's and Remisier's Assets
12.17.4 Trading by Employees and Agents
12.21 Use of Office Premises
13.5 Arrangement with Customers
13.12 Identification & Password
Chapter 19 of these Rules  
(2) For avoidance of doubt, nothing in Rule 10.4.7 prevents SGX-ST from waiving or modifying the Rules for SGX-SPV, provided Rule 10.4.3 is complied with.

Amended on 23 January 2009.