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Chapter 2 Access and Membership
2. Overview of Access and Membership
Chapter 3 Conduct of Members, Approved Traders and Representatives
Chapter 4 Listing and Trading of Contracts
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Chapter 6 Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
Chapter 7 Adverse Events, Rule Violations and Disciplinary Action
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2.5.5 Calculation of Financial Resources

In the calculation of Financial Resources, a corporate Member may include Qualifying Subordinated Loan(s), subject to such conditions and restrictions as prescribed under the Financial and Margin Regulations and in such form as prescribed by the Exchange or the Clearing House.*

* Refer to Annex A — Deed of Subordination (Term Loan) and Annex B — Deed of Subordination (Revolving Credit Facility).

Amended on 25 August 2009, 7 February 2014 and 29 December 2014.