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3. Conduct of Members, Approved Traders and Registered Representatives
3.3 Duties of Members Undertaking Agency Trades
3.3.16 Transfer of Unsuccessful Give-Up Trades to House Account
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Rule Amendments

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Up to May 1 2016May 2 2016 onwards

3.3.16 Transfer of Unsuccessful Give-Up Trades to House Account

A Member may enter into a give-up arrangement with a Customer and an accepting Clearing Member, provided that such arrangement is supported by a duly executed give-up agreement. If an executed trade is not successfully given up to and accepted by the accepting Clearing Member by the end of the Trading Day following the trade date (T+1), the Member shall transfer the give-up trade to a designated account meant for unsuccessful give-up trades. This designated account shall be a House Account, or such other account as the Exchange may permit. The Member shall conduct regular reviews and take action to clear the designated account.

Refer to Regulatory Notice 3.3.16.

Amended on 2 May 2016.