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3. Conduct of Members, Approved Traders and Registered Representatives
3.3 Duties of Members Undertaking Agency Trades
3.3.17 Reporting of Account Identity
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Rule Amendments

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Up to May 1 2016May 2 2016 onwards

3.3.17 Reporting of Account Identity

A Member shall submit to the Clearing House, in the manner as prescribed from time to time, the identities of the owners or controlling parties of any House Account or Customer Account which:

(a) is used for trading of Contracts or carrying of Contracts; or
(b) contains positions required to be reported pursuant to this Rules as prescribed by the Clearing House.

Refer to Regulatory Notice 3.3.17; 3.3.18; 3.3.26; 3.3.27.

"Customer Account" as used in this Rule 3.3.17 does not include an account owned by: (a) a director, officer, employee, Approved Trader or Registered Representative of the Member; or (b) an Affiliate of the Member. "House Account" as used in this Rule 3.3.17, is an account which is not a Customer Account as defined in this Rule 3.3.17.

Amended on 2 May 2016.