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4. Introduction to Contracts Traded on the Market
4.1 Rules Applicable to All Classes of Contracts Listed on the Markets
4.1.15 Price Limits and Cooling Off
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4.1.15 Price Limits and Cooling Off

The Exchange may prescribe, for certain Contracts, Price Limits which are designed to temporarily restrict trading when the Market(s) becomes volatile. "Price Limit" refers to the maximum price advance or decline during any trading session(s), as provided under the relevant Contract Specifications, upon which the Exchange may signal a Cooling Off Period.

Save as provided in the relevant Contract Specifications, the Price Limits for a Contract will not apply to a trade in that Contract if it is executed as part of a strategy transaction whereby trades in two or more Contracts that are related to each other are executed simultaneously as a unit on the strategy order book.

With respect to an Option Contract, trading in the Option Contract shall be halted:

(a) for the duration of the Cooling Off Period in the underlying Futures Contract; or
(b) as prescribed in the Contract Specifications.

"Cooling Off Period" means such period as set forth in the relevant Contract Specifications during which each Contract may be traded at or within its Price Limits. Trading may resume upon the lapse of the Cooling Off Period, for the remainder of the Trading Day, or such other period as may be prescribed in the relevant Contract Specifications.

Amended on 26 January 2007, 16 July 2012 and 14 November 2016.