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6. Overview
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This Chapter deals with dispute resolution between Members with respect to Contracts traded on the Markets. The Exchange recognises that the fair, speedy and cost-effective resolution of disputes between Members is important to the health of the Markets. Arbitration of such disputes in a neutral forum with the aid of specialist experts instills market confidence. Arbitration involving Contracts shall be before the Singapore International Arbitration Centre ("SIAC")* or such other forums as the parties may agree. The Exchange does not provide any in-house arbitral forum. Under this Rules, arbitration is not compulsory unless a dispute involves a deliverable Commodity Futures Contract. With respect to such Contracts, when any disputing Member elects to resolve the dispute via arbitration before the SIAC, the other disputing Member is compelled to submit to such arbitration. If neither Member elects for arbitration, the Members are free to resolve their dispute in such manner as they deem fit. Save for deliverable Commodity Futures Contracts, this Chapter does not seek to govern dispute resolution between Member and Customer, or between Customers^.#

* For more information regarding the procedural rules, fees and other matters please refer to

^ With respect to deliverable Commodity Futures Contracts, Customers are bound to submit to arbitration between their respective Members via contractual undertakings provided to their Members.

#Refer to Rule 6.2.4.

Amended on 26 November 2007 and 16 July 2012..