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Chapter 2 Access and Membership
Chapter 3 Conduct of Members, Approved Traders and Representatives
Chapter 4 Listing and Trading of Contracts
Chapter 5 Physical Delivery
Chapter 6 Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
Chapter 7 Adverse Events, Rule Violations and Disciplinary Action
Chapter 8 Definitions and Interpretation
Chapter 9 Transitional Provisions
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SIAC DC Arbitration Rules
Rule Amendments

6.3.3 Use of Performance Deposit to Satisfy Award

If the Performance Deposit posted by the Selling Member is insufficient to satisfy the arbitral award made in favour of the Buying Member, the Buying Member shall be entitled to pursue the balance of such award against the Selling Member. If such Performance Deposit is greater than the arbitral award made in favour of the Buying Member, the balance of the Performance Deposit shall be returned to the Selling Member.