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Section A — General
Section B — Market Participants
Section C — Market Structure
Section D — Regulatory Framework
Section E — Other Business Activities
Section F — Transitional Provisions
Practice Notes
CDP Clearing Rules
CDP Settlement Rules
DVP Rules [Entire Rulebook has been deleted]
CDP Depository Rules
Futures Trading Rules
SGX-DC Clearing Rules
SIAC DT Arbitration Rules
SIAC DC Arbitration Rules
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Practice Notes
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Practice Note — Direct Market Access And Sponsored Access
Practice Note 4.6.7A(1)(b) — Pre-Execution Checks
Practice Note 4.6.7A(1)(c) — Error Prevention
Practice Note 4.6.7A(2) — Firm-Level Monitoring of Capital and Financial Requirements and Prudential Limits
Practice Note 4.6.21 — Business Continuity Requirements
Appendix A to Practice Note 4.6.21 Business Continuity Management Emergency Contact Person(s)
Practice Note 4.6.21; 12.1.1; 12.3.6; 12.6.4; 12.7.2; 12.10A.2: Operational Requirements for Trading Members Who Do Not Conduct Business in Singapore
Appendix A to Practice Note 4.6.21; 12.1.1; 12.3.6; 12.6.4; 12.7.2; 12.10a.2
Practice Note 8.2.1 — Application of Market Phases and Algorithm
Practice Note 8.2A.2 — Closing Price of Prescribed Instrument
Practice Note 8.2.2 — Procedures for Contingency Order Withdrawal
Practice Note 8.6 — Application of the Forced Order Range
Practice Note 8.6.12(4) — Computation of Monetary Loss
Practice Note 8.6.13A(3) — Alternative Reference Price For No-Cancellation Range
Practice Note 8.8.1 — Designated Instruments
Practice Note 8.10.1 — Characteristics of Suspension and Trading Halt
Practice Note 8.10A — Circuit Breaker
Practice Note 8.10.3 — Approval of Off-Market Trades in a Security or Futures Contract Subject to Suspension or Trading Halt
Practice Note 8A — Obligations of Trading Members to Mark Sell Orders
Practice Note 9.4.3A(b) Money Received on Account of Customer
Practice Note 11.7A.1, 11.8A.1 — Exposure to Single Customer and Single Security
Practice Note 12.3.1 — Verification Procedure in Respect of Customer's Identity
Practice Note 12.3A.1 — Customer Education
Practice Note 12.3.1, 12.3.2 —Customer Account
Practice Note 12.3.1, 12.3.4 — Additional Safeguards for Trading by Young Investors
Practice Note 12.6.1 — Contract Notes
Practice Note 12.6.3(2) — Evidence of Informed Consent for Contract Notes in Electronic Form
Practice Note 12.14.1 — Conflicts of Interest
Practice Note 12.17.1 — Review of Remisier's Personal Trades
Practice Note 12.20.1 — Soft Dollar Receipts or Payments
Practice Note 12A.4.1, 12A.5.2 — Position Account Allocation
Practice Note 13.4.1 — Customer Orders — Precedence
Practice Note 13.8.1 — Market Manipulation and False Market
Practice Note 13.8.9 — Processes for Review of Orders and Trades
Practice Note 19.7.1 [Rule has been deleted.]