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(1) An issuer must retain a sponsor at all times. If a sponsor undertakes introducing activities for an issuer, the issuer must retain it as continuing sponsor for at least 3 years after admission of the listing applicant, or the enlarged group (in the case of a very substantial acquisition or reverse takeover).
(2) An issuer must have only one sponsor at a time.
(3) If an issuer requires a professional to provide corporate finance advice in relation to any corporate action, it may engage:
(a) its sponsor to provide such advice; or
(b) notwithstanding Rule 746(2), any other sponsor authorised by the Exchange to provide such advice, while the continuing sponsor of the issuer retains overall management and responsibility for the corporate action.
(4) If an issuer does not have a sponsor undertaking continuing activities for it, the Exchange will suspend the issuer until a sponsor takes on the activity.
(5) The Exchange may remove an issuer from the Official List that does not have a sponsor for more than 3 continuous months.

Amended on 29 September 2011 and 7 October 2015.