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(1) Where any of the relative figures as computed on the bases set out in Rule 1006 exceeds 20%, the transaction is classified as a major transaction. The issuer must, after terms have been agreed, immediately announce the information required in Rules 1010, 1011, 1012 and 1013, where applicable.
(2) A major transaction must be made conditional upon approval by shareholders in general meeting. A circular containing the information in Rule 1010 must be sent to all shareholders. This rule does not apply in the case of an acquisition of profitable assets if the only limit breached is Rule 1006(b). If the major transaction relates to an acquisition or disposal of mineral, oil or gas asset of a mineral, oil or gas company, the circular to shareholders must contain (i) a qualified person's report that is prepared by an independent qualified person; and (ii) a statement that no material changes have occurred since the effective date of the qualified person's report.The effective date of the qualified person's report must not be more than 6 months from the date of publishing the circular.In the case of a major acquisition, the circular to shareholders must contain a valuation report prepared by an independent qualified person in accordance with the VALMIN Code, SPE-PRMS or an equivalent standard that is acceptable to the Exchange. The effective date of the valuation report must not be more than 6 months from the date of publishing the circular and the contents of the qualified person's report must comply with the requirements as set out in paragraph 5 of Practice Note 6.3. The valuation report may form part of the qualified person's report. In ascertaining whether or not the issuer is required to seek shareholders' approval for the transaction, the issuer should refer to the general principles set out in Practice Note 10.1. Where the issuer is unclear, the issuer should consult and clarify with the Exchange as soon as possible.
(3) In the case of REITs and property trusts, a disposal of properties is considered to be in its ordinary course of business, provided that the relative figures as computed on the bases set out in Rule 1006 do not exceed 50% based on the aggregate value of all disposals in the last twelve months. In the event any of the relative figures calculated under Rule 1006 on an aggregated basis is 50% or more, the REIT/property trust must seek unitholders' approval under Rule 1014.

Notwithstanding that the disposal of property may be considered to be in the ordinary course of business, the REIT/property trust will have to comply with Rule 1010.
(4) Where a major transaction is not completed or is rescinded by any party to the transaction due to any reason, the issuer must immediately announce via SGXNET the following:
(a) the reasons for the non-completion or rescission of the transaction;
(b) the financial impact of the non-completion or rescission on the issuer; and
(c) the possible course(s) of action to protect the interests of the shareholders of the issuer. Notwithstanding this, the issuer must provide timely updates on the specific course of action including its progress and outcome.

Amended on 27 September 2013 and 23 August 2018.