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Jan 11 2011 onwards


If a Clearing Member wishes to cease clearing the trades of its Trading Member, it shall:—

2.28A.2.1 give not less than 30 days' written notice (or such shorter period as the Clearing House may from time to time deem acceptable) to the Clearing House of its intention to cease clearing the trades of that Trading Member and the proposed date of cessation, provided always that the Clearing House may waive such notice requirement at any time with respect to any Clearing Member;
2.28A.2.2 satisfy the Clearing House that it has taken before the proposed date of cessation proper steps to disable the Trading Member from entering into trades to be cleared by the Clearing Member;
2.28A.2.3 satisfy the Clearing House that it has taken, or will take, proper steps for the orderly clearing and settlement of the Trading Member's trades;
2.28A.2.4 comply with any reasonable direction of the Clearing House in relation to the orderly cessation of the clearing of the Trading Member's trades; and
2.28A.2.5 take such steps including without limitation, procedural steps (whether of a technical or non-technical nature or otherwise) as the Clearing House may deem appropriate to ensure that none of the Trading Member's trades will be cleared and settled through the Clearing Member by the proposed date of cessation.

Added on 11 January 2011.