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Apr 26 2013 onwards


On the occurrence of any of the following events, or if the Clearing House in its discretion determines that any of the following events has occurred, the Clearing House may declare an event of default:—

a. the insufficiency of a Clearing Member's Collateral to discharge such Clearing Member's obligations to the Clearing House; or
b. the insufficiency of the Collateral of any other Relevant Market, including a Participating Market, available to the Clearing House to fully meet such other Relevant Market's and/or its clearing house's obligations to the Clearing House; or
c. the insolvency of a Clearing Member (as determined by Rule 7A.01.3), any other Relevant Market which clears the opposite side of any Contract, including a Participating Market, and/or its clearing house or any depository (as defined in Rule 2.35.4); or
d. conversion, theft, breach of trust, embezzlement, or any other similar cause, caused or suffered by or in connection with a Clearing Member.

Added on 26 April 2013.