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Practice Note 9.01.1 — OTCF Product Groups
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Jun 30 2014 onwards

Practice Note 9.01.1 — OTCF Product Groups

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Added on 30 June 2014.

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1. Introduction

1.1. Rule 7A.02.1.5.b states that, when a Clearing Member having open positions has defaulted upon its obligation to the Clearing House, or has been suspended, the Clearing House may conduct an auction of such open positions in OTCF Contracts, whether hedged or otherwise, and a Participating Clearing Member shall participate in such auction.
1.2. Rule 9.01.1 defines Participating Clearing Member as a Clearing Member who has cleared or had an open commitment in such product group of OTCF Contracts being auctioned during the three (3) month period preceding and ending on the day of the relevant event of default.
1.3. This Practice Note explains what is meant by a product group and sets out the OTCF product groups which are cleared through the Clearing House.

2. Product Group By Currency

2.1. A product group means a distinct group of OTCF Contracts in a specified currency for which the Clearing House offers clearing services.
2.2. The different product groups cleared by the Clearing House are as follows:
•    Singapore Dollar interest rate swap
•    US Dollar interest rate swap
•    Thai Baht non-deliverable interest rate swap
•    Malaysian Ringgit non-deliverable interest rate swap
•    Chinese Yuan non-deliverable foreign exchange forward
•    Indian Rupee non-deliverable foreign exchange forward
•    Indonesian Rupiah non-deliverable foreign exchange forward
•    Korean Won non-deliverable foreign exchange forward
•    Malaysian Ringgit non-deliverable foreign exchange forward
•    New Taiwan Dollar non-deliverable foreign exchange forward
•    Philippine Peso non-deliverable foreign exchange forward

Added on 30 June 2014.