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Mainboard Rules
Catalist Rules
SGX-ST Rules
CDP Clearing Rules
CDP Settlement Rules
Rule 1 General
1.6 Order of Precedence
Rule 2 Settlement Participation
Rule 3 Settlement Facilities
Rule 4 Settlement Instructions
Rule 5 Arrangements for Money Settlement
Rule 6 Arrangements for Securities Settlement
Rule 7 Settlement
Rule 8 Matters relating to a Settlement Participant who is a Defaulting Clearing Member
Rule 9 Definitions
Regulatory Notices
Practice Note
Schedule A
DVP Rules [Entire Rulebook has been deleted]
CDP Depository Rules
Futures Trading Rules
SGX-DC Clearing Rules
SIAC DT Arbitration Rules
SIAC DC Arbitration Rules
Rule Amendments

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Dec 10 2018 onwards

1.6 Order of Precedence
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