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Jun 3 2019 onwards


A Trading Member's right to access organised markets established or operated by SGX-ST will cease and it shall not enter any orders on such markets if:

(a) a resolution is passed by its shareholders, or a court order is made, to wind it up, or any judicial manager or similar official is appointed in respect of it;
(b) an arrangement or composition is entered into with its creditors under any law relating to bankruptcy or insolvency;
(c) its Capital Market Services Licence lapses, or it no longer meets the requirements to be or is no longer exempted from holding a Capital Market Services Licence, as the case may be;
(d) it is not qualified by a Clearing Member or its qualification by a Clearing Member has been suspended;
(e) it is declared a defaulter pursuant to Rule 2.21; or
(f) it is suspended under the Rules, including under Rule 2.22.

Added on 3 June 2019.