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Chapter 7 Listing and Quotation
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Jun 3 2019 onwards


SGX-ST has three key regulatory tools to support a fair, orderly and transparent market. They are as follows:

(a) Query to listed companies. SGX may issue a query to listed companies in situations where there is unusual trading that is not explained by announced developments or industry trends. The query serves to raise investors' awareness that trading activity is unusual;
(b) Designation of a security or futures contract. SGX may declare a listed or quoted security or futures contract to be a Designated Instrument where, in SGX's judgment, there is possible manipulation or excessive speculation in the security or futures contract (or its underlying), or it is otherwise in the interest of the market to do so; and
(c) Suspension. SGX may suspend a security or futures contract where, in SGX's opinion, the market is not orderly, informed or fair.

Added on 3 June 2019.