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Jun 3 2019 onwards


SGX-ST may, on a case-by-case basis, approve off-market trades in a security or futures contract that is subject to suspension or trading halt, if the buying customer and selling customer are informed of the reasons for suspension or trading halt and there is a reason for the trade beyond simply wanting to trade. Circumstances under which SGX-ST may approve off-market trades include:

(a) A seller, being in financial difficulty, needs to sell a security, or liquidate a futures contract in relation to a security, that may be suspended for an indefinite period.
(b) A seller who short-sold a security or futures contract that is subsequently subject to suspension or trading halt, and the clearing house requires the seller to cover the short position within a prescribed period.
(c) A security or futures contract is suspended prior to delisting on SGX-ST. The minority shareholders may wish to sell the security or futures contract to the majority shareholders.
(d) The trustee of the estate of a deceased investor needs to liquidate a security or futures contract that may be suspended for an indefinite period.

Added on 3 June 2019.