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Section B — Market Participants
Chapter 4 — Trading Members
Rule Amendments

4.6 Obligations of A Trading Member
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4.6.1 Compliance
4.6.2 Acts as Principal
4.6.3 Contracts
4.6.4 Good Business Practice
4.6.5 Responsibility to SGX-ST
4.6.6 Supervision
4.6.7 Establish Procedures and Systems
4.6.7A Risk Management and Financial Controls
4.6.8 Change in Control
4.6.9 Reporting
4.6.10 Payment
4.6.11 Approved Executive Director
4.6.12 Directors
4.6.13 Trading Representatives
4.6.14 Memorandum and Articles of Association
4.6.15 Other Businesses
4.6.16 Register of Securities
4.6.17 Business Name
4.6.18 Issue of Shares
4.6.19 Voluntary Liquidation
4.6.20 Trading Member Ceases to Carry on Business
4.6.21 Business Continuity Requirements
4.6.22 Adequacy of Systems