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2.8.1 Overview

Past version: effective up to Mar 14 2013.
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The following requirements apply in relation to Bypass Privileges:

(a) a Customer may obtain Bypass Privileges solely for its Proprietary Trades;
(b) a Customer which seeks to obtain Bypass Privileges shall satisfy the requirements set out in Rule 2.8.2, or in the case of a Customer which is an Affiliate, Rule 2.8.3;
(c) a Clearing Member sponsoring a Customer which seeks to obtain Bypass Privileges shall satisfy the financial, risk management and other requirements set out in Rules 2.8.4, 2.8.5 and 2.8.6;
(d) a Member shall ensure that a Customer granted Bypass Privileges shall not extend these privileges to any third party;
(e) under no circumstances shall a Member carrying an Omnibus Account grant Bypass Privileges to any of the beneficial owners of a sub-account within the Omnibus Account. "Omnibus Account" refers to a single account with one (1) or more sub-accounts, each held by Persons beneficially entitled to positions established under such account;
(f) a Clearing Member sponsoring a Customer which seeks to obtain Bypass Privileges shall guarantee and assume all financial responsibility for all activity conducted through the account of that Customer;
(g) a Clearing Member sponsoring an Affiliate which seeks to obtain Bypass Privileges retains full responsibility for the conduct of all business by its Affiliate on the Markets;
(h) a Member shall maintain a current register of Customers granted Bypass Privileges and ensure that the information therein is updated on a monthly basis;
(i) the Exchange reserves the right to impose additional requirements on a Customer which seeks to obtain Bypass Privileges, if in its opinion, such requirements are necessary or desirable; and
(j) the Exchange is entitled to reject an application for Bypass Privileges at its absolute discretion.