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A listing applicant seeking admission to Catalist need not meet any minimum operating track record, profit or share capital requirement but is expected to meet the following conditions:

(1) Shareholding Spread And Distribution
(a) The proportion of post invitation share capital in public hands must be at least 15% at the time of listing. The shareholding spread must not be obtained by artificial means, such as giving shares away and offering loans to prospective shareholders to buy the shares.
(b) Existing public shareholders may be included in the minimum percentage of shares to be held in public hands. They must not account for more than 5% of the issuer's post-invitation issued share capital. For the purpose of this Rule, "existing public shareholders" refer to shareholders of the issuer immediately before the invitation and who are deemed "public" as defined.
(c) The number of public shareholders of the securities must be at least 200.
(d) The overall distribution of shareholdings should be expected to provide an orderly secondary market in the securities when trading commences, and be unlikely to lead to a corner situation in the securities.
(2) Quantitative Criteria
(a) A listing applicant seeking admission to Catalist need not meet any market capitalisation requirements.
(b) The Exchange may publish specific additional or other criteria for different types of listing applicants.
(3) Directors and Management
(a) The directors and executive officers should have appropriate experience and expertise to manage the group's business. As a pre-quotation disclosure requirement, a listing applicant must release a statement (via SGXNET or in the offer document) identifying for each director, whether the person has prior experience (and what) or, if the director has no prior experience as a director of a listed company, whether the person has undertaken training in the roles and responsibilities of a director of a listed company.
(b) The character and integrity of the directors, management and controlling shareholders of the listing applicant will be a relevant factor for consideration. In considering whether the directors, management and controlling shareholders have the character and integrity expected of a listed issuer, the sponsor must take into account the disclosures made in the declaration by each director, executive officer, controlling shareholder, and officer occupying a managerial position and above who is a relative of any director or controlling shareholder, in the form set out in paragraph 8, Part VII of the Fifth Schedule, Securities and Futures (Offers of Investments) (Shares and Debentures) Regulations 2005 submitted to the sponsor.
(c) The listing applicant's board must have at least two non-executive directors who are independent and free of any material business or financial connection with the listing applicant. If the listing applicant is a foreign listing applicant, at least one of these directors must be resident in Singapore.
(4) Sponsorship

The listing applicant's sponsor must provide the confirmation required in Appendix 4B that the listing applicant is suitable for listing and complies with the Rules.

Refer to Appendix 4B — Initial Public Offering Listing Confirmation.
(5) Restriction on Promoters' Sale of Shares

At the time of initial public offering there must be no sale of shares by a promoter if either of the following applies:
(a) all promoters in aggregate hold less than 50% of the issuer's post-invitation share capital; or
(b) all promoters in aggregate would, after selling any shares, hold less than 50% of the issuer's post-invitation share capital.
(6) Financial Position And Liquidity
(a) Prior to listing, all debts owing to the group by its directors, substantial shareholders, and companies controlled by the directors and substantial shareholders must be settled. This Rule does not apply to subsidiaries and associated companies of the listing applicant.
(b) While the surplus arising from revaluation of plant and equipment can be shown in the books of the listing applicant, such surplus should not be capitalised or used for calculating its net tangible assets per share.
(7) Chain Listing

A subsidiary or parent company of an existing listed issuer will not normally be suitable for listing if the assets and operations of the listing applicant are substantially the same as those of the existing issuer. The sponsor must consider the listing applicant's business or commercial reasons for listing.
(8) Articles of Association

A listing applicant's Articles of Association or constituent documents must meet the requirements in Appendix 4C.

Refer to Appendix 4C — Articles of Association.
(9) Accounts

A listing applicant's accounts must not be qualified in a material way.
(10) Lodgement and Registration of Offer Document

A listing applicant must lodge an offer document under section 240(1)(a)(ii) of the SFA with the Exchange acting as an agent of the Authority. The offer document must be registered under section 240(1)(a)(iii) of the SFA by the Exchange acting as an agent of the Authority.

Refer to Practice Note 4B — General Requirements for Lodgement or Submission of Documents.
(11) Undertaking Not to Make Exempt Offer

The listing applicant's undertaking not to make an exempt offer, made under Regulation 10 of the Securities and Futures (Offers of Investments) (Shares and Debentures) Regulations 2005, must be submitted by the sponsor to the Exchange acting as an agent of the Authority.

Refer to Practice Note 4B — General Requirements for Lodgement or Submission of Documents.
(12) Written Consents

The written consents provided by experts, issue managers and underwriters under sections 249 and 249A of the SFA must be lodged with the Exchange.

Refer to Practice Note 4B — General Requirements for Lodgement or Submission of Documents.

Amended on 31 January 2008.