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4.6.15 Other Businesses

Past version: effective up to Sep 14 2017.
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(1) A Trading Member must inform SGX-ST in writing at least 14 days before it engages in, or holds any substantial shareholding in, any other business.
(2) A Trading Member must ensure that the engagement (and any actions taken under it) or shareholding does not breach the Securities and Futures Act, Securities and Futures Regulations, the Rules, any Directives or any relevant law or regulation.
(3) A Trading Member must supply SGX-ST with any information SGX-ST requires regarding the engagement or acquisition of shareholding.
(4) If SGX-ST objects to the engagement or acquisition of shareholding, a Trading Member must not proceed with it. SGX-ST may extend the period specified in Rule 4.6.15(1). If extended, the Trading Member must not proceed with the engagement or acquisition of shareholding before the expiry of the extended period.
(5) If an engagement or shareholding, in SGX-ST's opinion, is detrimental to the financial integrity, reputation or interests of SGX-ST, the Trading Member concerned, or markets established or operated by SGX-ST, SGX-ST may require the Trading Member to end it.
(6) If SGX-ST objects to the engagement or acquisition of shareholding or requires a Trading Member to end it, the Trading Member may, within 14 days after it is notified of SGX-ST's decision, appeal in writing to the Board whose decision will be final.