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Mainboard Rules
Catalist Rules
SGX-ST Rules
CDP Clearing Rules
CDP Settlement Rules
DVP Rules [Entire Rulebook has been deleted]
CDP Depository Rules
Futures Trading Rules
SGX-DC Clearing Rules
Chapter 1 Application of Rules
Chapter 2 Clearing Membership
Chapter 3 Committees
Chapter 4 Enforcement of Rules
Chapter 5 Arbitration
Chapter 6 Delivery and Related Matters
Chapter 7 Clearing and Margins
Chapter 7A Suspension and Default
Chapter 7B Payments
Chapter 8 Mutual Offset System
Chapter 9 Definitions and Interpretation
Chapter 10 Transitional Provisions
Practice Notes
SIAC DT Arbitration Rules
SIAC DC Arbitration Rules
Rule Amendments

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  • 4.02B.1

    The Clearing House may make an offer of composition to a Clearing Member if an investigation or inspection shows that the Clearing Member may have breached any Rules. The terms of the offer of composition include payment of a specified sum to the Clearing House and may include the fulfillment of any accompanying terms that the Clearing House may prescribe.

    Added on 16 May 2011.