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  • 7A.06.3 Further Assessment Amount

    7A.06.3.1 The aggregate Further Assessment Amount that a Clearing Member is required to furnish pursuant to Rule 7A.06.3.3 shall be an amount up to one (1) time of a Clearing Member's Clearing Fund Deposit requirement, as prescribed by the Clearing House from time to time in its discretion.
    7A.06.3.2 [Deleted]
    7A.06.3.3 In the use and application of the Further Assessment Amounts pursuant to Rule 7A.01A.2B.2.e in an event of default, the Clearing House shall be entitled to call for payment of the Further Assessment Amount in such portions at such times as it deems appropriate. A Clearing Member shall immediately furnish such amounts to the Clearing House, prior to the close of business on the Business Day immediately following such call.

    Added on 7 August 2012 and amended on 8 November 2012, 26 April 2013, 29 July 2013, 12 November 2018 and 17 July 2019.