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  • 9.6.3

    Unless a buying customer has in place arrangements to settle trades with its Trading Member on a delivery-versus-payment basis through the CDP Settlement Facility, the Trading Member must:

    (a) deliver securities to the buying customer on the same day that the securities are delivered by CDP; and.
    (b) make payment, of any Cash Settlement Amount, corporate action entitlements or compensation for corporate settlement entitlements pursuant to the Clearing Rules, to the buying customer, on the banking day after the day that CDP makes payment to the Trading Member, save that the Trading Member may withhold delivery of securities or the payment of any Cash Settlement Amount, corporate action entitlements or compensation for corporate action entitlements until payment by the buying customer has been cleared and the proceeds received by the Trading Member.

    In this Rule, "banking day" means a day on which the bank(s) used by the Trading Member for payment to its customer is(are) open for settlement.

    Added on 3 June 2019.