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Chapter 2 Admission and Registration of Trading Members, Chief Executive Officers and Trading Representatives
Chapter 3 Capital and Financial Requirements
Chapter 4 Operational Requirements
Chapter 5 Trading Practices and Conduct
Chapter 6 Designated Market-Makers
Chapter 7 Listing and Quotation
Chapter 8 Trading
Chapter 9 Settlement
Chapter 10 Requirements on Specific Securities and Futures Contracts
Chapter 11 Cancellation of Contracts and Trades
Chapter 12 Supervision and Enforcement
Chapter 13 Definitions and Interpretation
Regulatory Notices
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CDP Settlement Rules
DVP Rules [Entire Rulebook has been deleted]
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  • 2.2

    Designation is a tool that is used sparingly and only in exceptional circumstances that warrant such intervention. Such circumstances may include prolonged trading anomalies observed in the security or futures contract, such as order book imbalances and/or prolonged, excessive speculation in a security. The objective of designation is to restore market equilibrium by removing the impact of such anomalies on price formation, and allow the price of the security or futures contract to be formed through demand and supply forces in an informed market. Designation would be lifted once, in SGX's opinion trading has returned to normalcy.

    Added on 3 June 2019.