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  • 5.6 Suspension or Restriction of Trades in Specified Security

    • 5.6.1

      SGX-ST may suspend or restrict trading in any or all Specified Securities in accordance with Rule 8.10 or Rule 8.11. It may do so for 1 or more markets or 1 or more trading sessions or any part of a trading session.

    • 5.6.2

      Specified Securities which have been suspended from trading or subject to a trading halt cease to be traded on the Trading System.

      Amended on 3 April 2008.

    • 5.6.3

      Except with SGX-ST's approval, a Designated Market-Maker must not make a market in a Specified Security which is suspended or subject to a trading halt. SGX-ST may specify conditions under which the Designated Market-Maker is permitted to do so.

    • 5.6.4

      If SGX-ST imposes restrictions on trades in any Specified Securities, a Designated Market-Maker must not make a market in Specified Securities that will breach the restrictions.