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  • 7.23 Emergency Margins and Advance Call for Settlement

    • 7.23.1

      The Clearing House may take any of the following actions: When in its opinion unstable conditions exist or market conditions and price fluctuations relating to one or more Commodities or Contracts or contracts at any time require that additional margins to maintain an orderly market or to preserve fiscal integrity or for any other reason, the Clearing House may call for additional margins from one or more Clearing Members.

      Such additional margins may be as much as or more than the original margin and must be deposited with the Clearing House during the next banking hour after demand therefore or at such time as may be specified. Such additional margins may be called for one or more Contracts, from one or more Clearing Members and on long positions, short positions or both, or in relation to any potential Flat Rate adjustment applicable to freight forward contracts for tanker voyage routes. When the Clearing House believes that any Clearing Member is carrying positions in its House and/or Customer Accounts, that are larger than is justified by the financial condition of that Clearing Member, or the Clearing Member is found to have a record of frequent rule violations or inadequate or unsound management or serious operational defects which, in the Clearing House's opinion, places or may place the Clearing House at risk, then the Clearing House may require such Clearing Member to deposit additional margins with the Clearing House during the next banking hour after demand therefore or at such time as may be specified or they may require that a portion of the open positions on the books of such Clearing Member be transferred to the books of another Clearing Member.

      Amended on 27 March 2006.

    • 7.23.2

      If market conditions or price fluctuations are such that the Clearing House deems it necessary, it may call upon the Clearing Members whom it believes are affected by such conditions or fluctuations to deposit additional funds with the Clearing House by such time as it shall specify and in the amount it deems necessary to meet settlements.

      Amended on 27 March 2006.