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Mainboard Rules
Catalist Rules
SGX-ST Rules
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DVP Rules [Entire Rulebook has been deleted]
CDP Depository Rules
Futures Trading Rules
Chapter 1 General Matters
Chapter 2 Access and Membership
Chapter 3 Conduct of Members, Approved Traders and Representatives
Chapter 4 Listing and Trading of Contracts
Chapter 5 Physical Delivery
Chapter 6 Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
Chapter 7 Adverse Events, Rule Violations and Disciplinary Action
Chapter 8 Definitions and Interpretation
Chapter 9 Transitional Provisions
Regulatory Notices
Practice Notes
SGX-DC Clearing Rules
SIAC DT Arbitration Rules
SIAC DC Arbitration Rules
Rule Amendments

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  • 7.5 Disciplinary Committee

    Amended on 3 June 2019.

    • 7.5.1 Composition of Disciplinary Committee

      The Disciplinary Committee shall comprise persons appointed by the SGX RegCo Board and shall not have a member who is, or who within three years of the proposed appointment date was, a director, officer or employee of:

      (a) Singapore Exchange Limited; or
      (b) any of Singapore Exchange Limited's Related Corporations.

      Amended on 15 September 2017 and 3 June 2019.

    • 7.5.2 Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee

      The SGX RegCo Board shall appoint the chairman and deputy chairman of the Disciplinary Committee. In the absence of the chairman, the deputy chairman will have all the powers of the chairman.

      Amended on 15 September 2017 and 3 June 2019.

    • 7.5.3 [Rule has been deleted.]

      Deleted on 3 June 2019.

    • 7.5.4 [Rule has been deleted.]

      Deleted on 3 June 2019.