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  • 4.9 Cessation of Trading Access

    • 4.9.1

      A Trading Member's access to organised markets established or operated by SGX-ST ceases if:—

      (1) a resolution is passed by its shareholders, or a court order is made, to wind it up;
      (2) an arrangement or composition is entered into with its creditors under any law relating to bankruptcy or insolvency;
      (3) it is not qualified by a Clearing Member or its qualification by a Clearing Member has been suspended;
      (4) it is suspended;
      (5) it ceases to carry on business pursuant to Rule 4.6.20;
      (6) it is declared a defaulter pursuant to Chapter 14; or
      (7) licence(s) to conduct the relevant regulated activities from the Relevant Regulatory Authority lapses or is revoked, or in the case where it is exempted from holding a licence, the Relevant Regulatory Authority withdraws the exemption.

      Amended on 29 November 2010, 11 January 2011, 19 May 2014 and 8 October 2018.

    • 4.9.2

      When a Trading Member's right to access organised markets established or operated by SGX-ST has ceased, SGX-ST will notify all Trading Members of the effective date of cessation and the date of reinstatement of access rights (if applicable).

      Amended on 8 October 2018.

    • 4.9.3

      A Trading Member whose access to organised markets established or operated by SGX-ST has ceased must continue to comply with the relevant Rules, and any Directives.

      Amended on 8 October 2018.