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  • 5.11 Resignation

    • 5.11.1 Procedures

      (1) A Designated Market-Maker who intends to resign from making a market for a Specified Security must give at least 30 days' written notice to SGX-ST, stating the proposed date of resignation. SGX-ST may vary or waive the notice period. SGX-ST will notify all Designated Market-Makers and Trading Members of the effective date of resignation.
      (2) A Designated Market-Maker must continue to comply with this Chapter, and any Directives as may be imposed by SGX-ST until resignation.

    • 5.11.2 Acceptance of Resignation by SGX-ST

      SGX-ST needs not accept the resignation of a Designated Market-Maker if it is:—

      (1) conducting an investigation under the Rules, investigating a complaint, or has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the Designated Market-Maker, or
      (2) not satisfied that the Designated Market-Maker has fulfilled or is able to fulfill all its obligations to SGX-ST.

    • 5.11.3 Deletion from Register

      If SGX-ST accepts a Designated Market-Maker's resignation, the Designated Market-Maker's name will be deleted from the Register of Designated Market-Makers upon the effective date of resignation.