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Chapter 2 Admission and Registration of Trading Members, Chief Executive Officers and Trading Representatives
Chapter 3 Capital and Financial Requirements
Chapter 4 Operational Requirements
Chapter 5 Trading Practices and Conduct
Chapter 6 Designated Market-Makers
Chapter 7 Listing and Quotation
Chapter 8 Trading
Chapter 9 Settlement
Chapter 10 Requirements on Specific Securities and Futures Contracts
Chapter 11 Cancellation of Contracts and Trades
Chapter 12 Supervision and Enforcement
Chapter 13 Definitions and Interpretation
Regulatory Notices
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CDP Settlement Rules
DVP Rules [Entire Rulebook has been deleted]
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  • 2.18 Reporting of Adverse Events

    • 2.18.1

      Save as provided in Rule 2.18.2, a Trading Member must inform SGX-ST immediately if it or any of its Chief Executive Officer, Directors, Officers, Trading Representatives, employees or agents:

      (a) breaches the Securities and Futures Act, any law, regulation or requirement of the Relevant Regulatory Authority or any other relevant applicable laws and regulatory requirements relating to the regulation of organised markets and licensed entities;
      (b) breaches the Rules;
      (c) breaches any relevant law or regulation that governs that person's other business activities;
      (d) breaches the rules of any other exchange;
      (e) has been alleged or found to have breached director's duties under common law or applicable statute;
      (f) is the subject of a written complaint or investigation involving an allegation of fraud or dishonesty, is convicted of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty or is found by a court of law to have acted fraudulently or dishonestly, whether in or out of Singapore;
      (g) is the subject of any disciplinary action by the Trading Member involving suspension, termination, withholding of commissions, fines or any other significant limitation of activities;
      (h) is experiencing an emergency or potentially debilitating situation that threatens its operations (e.g. a cyber threat or terrorist attack);
      (i) engages in conduct that has the effect of circumventing the Securities and Futures Act, any relevant law, regulation or requirement of the Relevant Regulatory Authority, any other relevant applicable laws and regulatory requirements relating to the regulation of organised markets and licensed entities or the Rules;
      (j) has had its licence or relevant approval to conduct the relevant regulated activities suspended, revoked or expired, or in the case where it is exempted from holding a licence or obtaining approval, the Relevant Regulatory Authority withdraws the exemption or imposes conditions or restrictions in respect of the relevant regulated activities;
      (k) engages in conduct that is inconsistent with the principles of good business practice;
      (l) engages in conduct detrimental to the financial integrity, reputation or interests of SGX-ST, or organised markets established or operated by SGX-ST;
      (m) is insolvent or wound-up, or has had an insolvency or winding-up application presented, or an order made by a court of competent jurisdiction, or any step is taken or a resolution passed, for its winding-up, dissolution, judicial management or administration; or
      (n) has had any attachment, distress, execution or legal process instituted against its assets, or has had any liquidator, receiver or any similar person appointed (or an application has been made for the appointment of such person) in respect of any of its assets.

      Added on 3 June 2019.

    • 2.18.2

      In the case of an emergency or potentially debilitating situation under Rule 2.18.1(h), the Trading Member may inform SGX-ST as soon as practicable, but in any case no later than one hour, after its discovery of the situation.

      Added on 3 June 2019.

    • 2.18.3

      SGX-ST may require a Trading Member to inform SGX-ST in respect of any other matters and in such form as SGX-ST determines.

      Added on 3 June 2019.