Whole Section

  • 15.3 Supervision

    • 15.3.1

      A Trading Member must:—

      (1) supervise its research analysts;
      (2) implement written supervisory procedures to ensure that its research analysts comply with this Chapter; and
      (3) implement any procedure, Directive or recommendation by SGX-ST.
    • 15.3.2

      A Trading Member is responsible to SGX-ST for the acts and omissions of its research analysts.

    • 15.3.3

      SGX-ST may limit the scope of activity of a research analyst or direct a Trading Member to replace a research analyst if the person:—

      (1) causes the Trading Member to breach the Rules or Directives;
      (2) engages in conduct detrimental to the financial integrity, reputation or interests of SGX-ST, or markets established or operated by SGX-ST;
      (3) breaches any provision involving fraud or dishonesty, whether in or out of Singapore; or
      (4) is the subject of an investigation involving fraud or dishonesty, whether in or out of Singapore.
    • 15.3.4

      A Trading Member may, within 14 days after it is directed by SGX-ST to replace a research analyst, appeal in writing to the SGX RegCo Board whose decision will be final.

      Amended on 15 September 201715 September 2017.