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  • Post-hearing

    • 1423

      (1) The Appeals Committee's written grounds of decision shall be published by the Exchange, unless the sanction imposed involves the issuance of a private warning. Where a private warning is issued by the Appeals Committee, the Appeals Committee shall determine whether the written grounds of decision is to be published, and if so, whether the written grounds of decision is to be published in part or in whole.
      (2) Where the Exchange has reason to believe that the requirements imposed or orders issued under Rule 1422(2) have not been complied with, the Exchange may report the non-compliance to the Appeals Committee, and the Appeals Committee may provide a supplemental grounds of decision to impose further sanctions.
      (3) Where a fine or order for costs of the proceedings has been imposed against a Relevant Person and the Relevant Person does not make payment within the specified period, the outstanding sum shall be a debt payable to Exchange. The Exchange may commence legal action to recover that debt, subject to any subsequent payments made by the Relevant Person. The Exchange shall be entitled to claim reasonable interest, a month after the payment is due, based on the sum outstanding.
      (4) A Relevant Person may apply to the Appeals Committee for an extension of the relevant timelines to comply with sanctions imposed by the Appeals Committee.
      (5) A decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final.

      Added on 7 October 20157 October 2015.