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  • 11.1 Clearing House Investigations

    • 11.1.1

      CDP may conduct an investigation if:—

      (1) the investigation involves a possible breach of the SFA, the Clearing Rules or any Clearing Directives;
      (2) CDP receives a written complaint involving a Clearing Member, director, officer, employee or agent;
      (3) there is a dispute between Clearing Members on a clearing and settlement matter; or
      (4) in CDP's opinion, the circumstances warrant it.

      Amended on 3 June 20193 June 2019.

    • 11.1.2

      CDP shall conduct an investigation if the Authority directs it.

    • 11.1.3

      CDP may require a Clearing Member, any of its directors, officers, employees or agents to:—

      (1) render all assistance as CDP requires, at CDP's premises or elsewhere; and
      (2) provide CDP with information, books and records which, in CDP's opinion, may be relevant to the investigation.
    • 11.1.4

      A Clearing Member, directors, officer, employee or agent shall not wilfully make, furnish or permit the making or furnishing of any false or misleading information, statement or report to CDP.

    • 11.1.5

      CDP may appoint any person or persons to assist in its investigation (the "Clearing House Examiners").

    • 11.1.6

      CDP may delegate all or any of its powers under this Rule to the Clearing House Examiner. The Clearing House Examiner shall report the results of the investigation to CDP.