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  • 18.2 Option Contracts to be Traded

    • 18.2.1 Approval of Options for Listing or Quotation and Trading

      SGX-ST may from time to time approve for listing or quotation and trading on SGX-ST, Put Options and Call Options in respect of approved underlying securities. Subject to giving prior notification, SGX-ST may remove the listing or quotation of any Series of Options when there are no outstanding positions in such Series.

    • 18.2.2 Approval of Underlying Securities

      SGX-ST may from time to time approve underlying securities as being suitable for Options trading on SGX-ST.

    • 18.2.3 Criteria for Approval of Underlying Securities

      SGX-ST may from time to time establish criteria to be considered in evaluating potential underlying securities for Option transactions. The fact that particular securities may meet the criteria does not necessarily mean that they will be approved as underlying securities. In special situations an underlying security may be approved even though it does not meet all of the criteria established.

    • 18.2.4 Withdrawal of Approval of Underlying Securities

      Whenever SGX-ST determines that underlying securities previously approved for Option transactions do not meet the then current requirements for continuance of such approval or for any other reason should no longer be approved, SGX-ST shall not open for trading any additional Series of Options covering those underlying securities and any opening purchase transactions in Options of that Series previously opened may be prohibited to the extent that SGX-ST shall deem necessary for the maintenance of a fair and orderly market or for the protection of Purchasers or Writers of Options.