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  • 18.3 Option Transactions

    • 18.3.1 Registration

      Option transactions shall be registered with the OCC in accordance with its Regulations. An Option shall be deemed to be registered by the issuance of the contract statement by the OCC on behalf of the Trading Member to the Purchaser or Writer thereof.

    • 18.3.2 Responsibility on Registration

      (1) Every Trading Member shall be responsible for the Options registered in the name of such Trading Member for its own account or for the account of its customers.
      (2) Every Trading Member whose Options are registered with the OCC shall be bound by the Regulations. Any breach of the Regulations by the Trading Member shall be liable to be dealt with as if it were a breach of the Rules.
    • 18.3.3 Series of Options Open for Trading

      (1) SGX-ST shall, from time to time, open for trading Series of Options in respect of underlying securities approved for Options trading.
      (2) Only Options of a Series currently open for trading may be purchased or written on SGX-ST.
      (3) The opening of a new Series of Options shall not affect other Series of Options previously opened.
      (4) No transaction in Options of a particular Series shall be made after the close of the Equity Market of the underlying security on the Market Day preceding the Expiration Date of that Series of Options.
    • 18.3.4 Terms of Options

      (1) The Expiration Month and Exercise Price of each Series of Options shall be determined by SGX-ST at the time each Series of Options is first opened for trading.
      (2) The Standard Quantity shall be designated by SGX-ST, and in the absence of such designation the Standard Quantity shall be 1,000 shares.
      (3) Unless SGX-ST otherwise provides, Options shall expire in the months of March, June, September and December and a Series of Options of a given Expiration Month shall generally be opened for trading 3 to 6 months prior to such Expiration Month.
      (4) The Exercise Price of each Series of Options shall be fixed at a price which is reasonably close to the price which the underlying securities are traded on SGX-ST at the time such Series of Options is first opened for trading.
      (5) Additional Series of Options may be opened for trading as the market price of the underlying securities moves substantially from the initial Exercise Price or as determined by SGX-ST from time to time.
    • 18.3.5 Adjustments to Terms

      (1) The Standard Quantity and Exercise Price initially established for a particular Series of Options are subject to adjustment in accordance with Rule 18.10.
      (2) When such adjustments have been determined, announcement thereof shall be made by SGX-ST, effective from the time specified by such announcement.
    • 18.3.6 Suspension of Trading

      (1) The trading on SGX-ST of any or all Classes or Series of Options shall be halted or suspended whenever SGX-ST deems such action appropriate in the interest of maintaining a fair and orderly market and to protect investors.
      (2) Among the factors that may be considered are that:—
      (a) trading in the underlying securities has been halted or suspended on SGX-ST;
      (b) the opening of such underlying securities on SGX-ST has been delayed because of unusual circumstances;
      (c) SGX-ST has been advised that the issuer of the underlying securities is about to make an important announcement affecting such underlying securities; or
      (d) other unusual conditions or circumstances are present.
      (3) Rights to exercise not affected by suspension Unless otherwise decided by SGX-ST, the suspension in trading of Options shall not affect the right of Purchasers to exercise such Options during the period of suspension.
    • 18.3.7 Resumption of Trading

      The trading of Options that have been the subject of suspension under Rule 18.3.6(1) may be resumed upon the determination of SGX-ST that the conditions which led to the suspension are no longer present or that the interests of a fair and orderly market are best served by a resumption of trading.