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  • Part II General Principles

    • 103

      This Manual seeks to secure and maintain confidence in the market. The underlying principles of the listing rules include the following: —

      (1) issuers shall have minimum standards of quality, operations, management experience and expertise;
      (2) investors and their professional advisers shall be given all information that they would reasonably require to make an informed assessment of the securities for which listing is sought;
      (3) issuers shall disclose information if a reasonable person would expect that information to have a material effect on the price or value of their listed securities;
      (4) all holders of listed securities shall be treated fairly and equitably; and
      (5) directors of an issuer shall act in the interests of shareholders as a whole, particularly where a director or substantial shareholder has a material interest in a transaction entered into by the issuer.
    • 104

      Suitability for listing depends on many factors. Applicants should appreciate that compliance with the Exchange's listing rules may not in itself ensure an applicant's suitability for listing. The Exchange retains the discretion to accept or reject applications and in reaching its decision will have regard to the general principles outlined in Rule 103.

      (1) The Exchange reserves the right to subject a listed issuer's change in principal business to the Exchange's approval if in the Exchange's opinion:—
      (a) the integrity of the market may be adversely affected; or
      (b) it is in the interests of the public to do so.