There are altogether 7 Rulebooks issued by the SGX. These Rulebooks contain the various rules governing the listing, clearing, trading and depository services that the industry needs to comply with. The Rulebooks are often updated and revised to keep pace with market developments.

The diagram below shows the relationship between the rulebooks and the activities undertaken by SGX. For relationship between Rulebooks and Statutory requirements, click here.

Directives, Practice Notes and Circulars

In addition to the Rulebooks, the Exchange deploys the following documents to communicate with its participants and members.

  1. Directives. Directives are binding notices directing Members to take corrective or other actions in the interests of a fair and orderly market or in light of investor protection concerns.
  2. Practice Notes. Practice Notes are non-binding guidelines that seek to explain the application and interpretation of a Rule.
  3. Circulars. Circulars are binding notices issued by the Exchange regarding regulatory and nonregulatory matters pertaining to the Market.