2.8.7 Suspension or Termination of Bypass Privileges

Past version: Effective up to 14 Mar 2013

The Exchange reserves the right to direct the sponsoring Clearing Member to suspend or terminate Bypass Privileges if:

(a) the Customer granted Bypass Privileges overtrades;
(b) the Customer granted Bypass Privileges fails to pay any fees, levies or charges in connection with its Bypass Privileges;
(c) the application for Bypass Privileges contains material errors or omissions or is misleading in a material respect;
(d) the Customer granted Bypass Privileges or the sponsoring Clearing Member fails to satisfy the Exchange that it meets such financial requirements, licensing, risk management or other material obligations as required under this Rules or by the Exchange from time to time; or
(e) in the Exchange's opinion it is necessary or desirable to protect the financial integrity, reputation or interest of the Markets or to promote the operation of a fair, orderly and transparent market.