1.1 Application of CDP Rules

Past version: Effective up to 14 Sep 2017

1.1.1 These CDP Rules apply to all Depository Agents and Account Holders and operate as a binding contract between the Depository and each Depository Agent, the Depository and each Account Holder, and between a Depository Agent and any other Depository Agent.
1.1.2 Except where the Depository otherwise expressly agrees with or expressly commits itself to any party, the benefit of any performance by the Depository of its obligations under (i) these CDP Rules, or (ii) Directives, Circulars or Practice Notes issued by the Depository, is restricted to only Depository Agents and Account Holders. The Depository shall have no liability to any other party. In particular, the Depository shall have no liability to any party affected or aggrieved by any alleged action or omission of the Depository or any of the directors, officers or employees of the Depository.
1.1.3 The Depository may waive the application of a rule (or part of a rule) to suit the circumstances of a particular case, unless the rule specifies that the Depository shall not waive it. The Depository may grant a waiver subject to such conditions as it considers appropriate. Such waiver is only granted if such conditions are satisfied. The Depository shall notify any Depository Agent or Account Holder of such waivers as soon as practicable.

No waiver by the Depository of any event of default or breach of any obligation under these CDP Rules shall constitute a waiver of any other event or breach, and no exercise or partial exercise by the Depository of any remedy shall constitute a waiver of the right subsequently to exercise that or any other remedy.