If the Clearing House determines that an emergency exists which threatens the financial integrity of the Clearing House or any of the Clearing Members, it may take any of the actions referred to at Rules 2.34.1A.1 to 2.34.1A.6 and/or order special or advance margins or funds to be deposited with the Clearing House from all or any Clearing Member(s) or from Clearing Members having cleared particular long, and/or short contracts which remain open.

As soon as practicable, the Authority shall be notified of such actions. Nothing in this Rule 2.34 shall in any way limit the authority of the Clearing House, SGX RegCo or any other committee or person or entity referred to under Rule 1.01.8 to act in an emergency situation in accordance with this Rules.

Amended on 15 September 201715 September 2017 and 3 June 20193 June 2019.