Subject to the other provisions of this Rules, the Clearing House shall take all reasonable measures to protect from unauthorised use or disclosure of information provided to the Clearing House in confidence by or on behalf of a Clearing Member pursuant to this Rules. Disclosure of information by the Clearing House is authorised if it: is pursuant to a Reciprocal Arrangement; is required to be disclosed by the Clearing House under any law (in or out of Singapore) or any order of any court or authority or regulatory body (each in or out of Singapore); is publicly available at the time of disclosure to or by the Clearing House and/or any Relevant Market; is for the purposes of monitoring compliance with and/or the enforcement of this Rules or the adjudication of a matter; is, without prejudice to the generality of Rule above, approved by the Authority and is to any governmental agency or regulatory authority (in or out of Singapore) including, without limitation, a futures exchange or clearing house, that requests that the Clearing House provide the information for the proper exercise of powers relating to:—
a. the governance of a Clearing Member; or
b. the trading of commodities or clearing of contracts in commodities (in or out of Singapore), is in connection with the discharge of its regulatory obligations under the Securities and Futures Act or when compelled under applicable laws to do so or pursuant to any cross-border regulatory sharing arrangement subject to its obligation to maintain confidentiality under the Securities and Futures Act; is to any of SGX-DC's related corporations; is authorised by the Authority to be disclosed or furnished under the Securities and Futures Act; or is specifically authorised under this Rules.

Amended on 27 March 200627 March 2006 and 17 July 201917 July 2019.