Past version: Effective up to 07 Nov 2012

Except with respect to trades made pursuant to Rule 7.27 (other than a Relevant Trade as defined in Rule 7.27.3), Exchanges for Physicals/Spot ("EFPs"), Exchanges for Swaps ("EFSs"), Negotiated Large Trades ("NLTs") and transfers of open positions to an appointed Clearing Member for the purpose of consolidation pursuant to Rule 6.05.2 or as otherwise provided by this Rules, if the Clearing House accepts the clearing memoranda in respect of one or more Contracts executed on a Relevant Market and matched on a Relevant Market to be cleared through the Clearing House or accepted by the Clearing House pursuant to an Mutual Offset System, or if the Clearing House accepts an Eligible OTC Transaction registered for clearing pursuant to Rule 7.02A.2, the Clearing House shall be substituted as and shall assume the position of selling Clearing Member to the buying Clearing Member and buying Clearing Member to the selling Clearing Member, thereby becoming the central counterparty, and thereupon the Clearing House shall have all the rights and be subject to all the liabilities with respect to such transaction of the Clearing Members who were the parties to such transaction. Such substitution shall be effective in law for all purposes.

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