Past version: Effective up to 06 Aug 2012

With regard to transfers of open positions to an appointed Clearing Member for the purpose of consolidation pursuant to Rule 6.05.2, the Clearing House shall be substituted only as at the time of:

7.04.3A.1 payment of the first Settlement Variation, maintenance margin due for such open positions pursuant to Rule 7.12 as confirmed by the appropriate settlement bank for the appointed Clearing Member; and/or
7.04.3A.2 posting of Performance Deposits as prescribed in Rule 6.02A.7B, due for such open positions pursuant to Rule 6.07.1 or the relevant Contract Specifications by the appointed Clearing Member,

whichever is applicable.

Added on 22 September 200622 September 2006 amended on 26 January 200726 January 2007 and 22 February 201022 February 2010.