Past version: Effective from 27 Sep 2013 to 22 Aug 2018

A transaction may fall into category (a), (b), (c) or (d) of Rule 1004 depending on the size of the relative figures computed on the following bases:

(a) The net asset value of the assets to be disposed of, compared with the group's net asset value. This basis is not applicable to an acquisition of assets.
(b) The net profits attributable to the assets acquired or disposed of, compared with the group's net profits.
(c) The aggregate value of the consideration given or received, compared with the issuer's market capitalisation based on the total number of issued shares excluding treasury shares.
(d) The number of equity securities issued by the issuer as consideration for an acquisition, compared with the number of equity securities previously in issue.
(e) The aggregate volume or amount of proved and probable reserves to be disposed of, compared with the aggregate of the group's proved and probable reserves. This basis is applicable to a disposal of mineral, oil or gas assets by a mineral, oil and gas company, but not to an acquisition of such assets.

Amended on 1 February 20111 February 2011 and 27 September 201327 September 2013.